Let Us Tell You about Our Conference


A big thank you to C-NET (Channel 7) for recording three of our sessions. If you missed our big day, please take this opportunity to take a look at three of our excellent offerings!

What Happens to Black Girls and Women in the Trump Era?" by Dr. Jeanine Staples

"Community Policing Task Force Outcomes/Initiatives" Tom King (Former State College Police Chief) and Reverend Harold McKenzie

Dialogue Across Differences with Terry Vescio

Dialogue Across Differences   with Wayne Gersie, Ph.D.    Pictured: Wayne Gersie with   Leslie Laing, Conference Co-Chair

Dialogue Across Differences with Wayne Gersie, Ph.D.

Pictured: Wayne Gersie with Leslie Laing, Conference Co-Chair

Please join us in supporting Community Diversity Group’s second Community Diversity Conference, a day of Embracing and Implementing Inclusion in our community! We are offering a full day conference for $55 per person (pre-registration by May 24), including lunch!

We all share a common humanity and we are each unique and differ in demographic dimensions --- race, religion, gender identity, abled-ness, culture, socio-economic class, age, country of origin, sexual preference, education level and more.  Some demographic groups are marginalized and have a harder life than others, yet those outside their group may be unaware of this reality, uncomfortable relating to those people, aware of how help ameliorate their hardship.   

This day-long workshop will provide participants with tools for awareness, examination and action to expand their minds and hearts.  They will:

  • meet people outside of their usual social circles
  • learn more about lives other than their own
  • become more conscious of their inner processes
  • improve and expand their interpersonal skills 
  • learn how to build bridges to bring this community closer to the world of our dreams

Our mission guides the curriculum of Community Diversity Conference:

The Community Diversity Group brings diverse peoples together to cultivate inclusive, engaged communities.

The Community Diversity Conference is going to help its participants explore their communication styles, tacit assumptions, and comfort zones. This skill set of self-reflection enhances relations across the board. Employees armed with these habits of mind provide better customer service and make better co-workers. Employers are better able to retain employees. Our teachers and school administrators will be better able to create a positive and culturally responsive learning environment for all students. Our leaders will be better able to tap into all the talent in our community, and more people will feel like they matter, and their voices are heard.

 Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

There are four key goals of the Community Diversity Conference:

Cultural Dexterity

Cultural dexterity is grounded in respect for self and others. It is a frame of mind that raises our awareness about how we interact and present ourselves instead of taking actions based on how we are perceived by others. 


Sustainability focuses on people in our community. We want people to stay here once they get here through employment, and we want their families to feel that our community is their home. To increase the sustainability of our community, we explore how to promote inclusion and social connectedness among people.  

Social Justice

Ideas about social justice are grounded in empathy. Because we have tendency to focus on what affects us and ignore what happens to others, working toward social justice affords us with opportunities to examine our own values and provides an impetus for building a welcoming community for all.  

Beyond Diversity

This is the very core of our conference: Embracing and implementing diversity!

We are going to examine what actions to take to make our community a friendly, engaging, diverse, and welcoming place. We all can become agents of change and work towards making our community feel like home for all residents!  


We proudly present our topics and slate of speakers...

  • Bullying: The Impacts of Societal Identity Development Donna King, Ph.D.
  • Bystander Intervention 101 Katie Tenny, Coordinator, State for State, PSU Student Affairs, and Seria Chatters, Assistant Professor, PSU College of Education
  • Community Policing Task Force Outcomes and Impact Tom King, Assistant Borough Supervisor & Former State College Police Chief, and Harold McKenzie, Pastor, Unity Church of Jesus Christ
  • The Do's and Don'ts of Diversifying the Workplace Schaun Henry, J.D., Labor & Employment Attorney, Wallace & Nurick, LLC, Harrisburg
  • Immigration in a New Administration Shoba Sivaprasad Wadhia, J.D., Director, Center for Immigrant Rights at Penn State
  • Implicit Bias: The Hidden Bias of Good People Charleon Jeffries, Coordinator, Diversity Education, PSU Affirmative Action Office will be speaking about
  • What Happens to Black Girls and Women in the Trump Era Jeanine Staples, Ph.D., Associate Professor, PSU College of Education and African American Studies
  • Dialogue Across Differences Wayne Gersie, Ph.D. (Morning Session) Theresa Vescio, Ph.D. (Afternoon Session) 
  • The Road to Inclusion: Assisting people with disabilities (PWD) obtain employment and independence Presenting as a Panel: The PA Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation Services and Bureau of the Blind are back by popular demand! 


REGISTRATION CLOSED - Watch for our next one, June 2019