Online Resource Listing - 2017

(Part of our monthly Resource Guide and published monthly)

This is not intended to be all-inclusive

Use Area Code 814 unless listed otherwise.

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Community Diversity Resources

Spiritual Affiliations:

For more info, call the Center for Spiritual and Ethical Development, Penn State at 865-6548



Minority Owned / Operated Businesses:

Groceries, Restaurants & Catering

Beauty (Ethnic Haircare):

  • Darchelle Marie’s Hair Studio 308-8636
  • Di Versity Salon & Institute, Altoona 935-9638 Find them on Facebook!
  • Fitted Cuts (Barber) 308-9560 Find them on Facebook!
  • Linda’s Beauty Care 359-3321
  • Loba Mane - Natural Hair Care Products
  • Price’s Skin Care 237-1643
  • Sally’s Beauty Supply 231-1827
  • S’Hair-eng Styling Salon (culturally diverse hair care) 235-4695
  • Styles by Candace Multicultural Haircare Salon 235-1800
  • Visions Multicultural Hair Design 867-6520
  • Evolve Studio (accommodations available for women who wear hair coverings) 272-3047

Last updated June 2017